This book has been highly recommended by Christian leaders from widely differing backgrounds.

Daniel M. Wood, A Pentecostal (Assemblies of God) pastor, says:

Jim Morris has done the church world a great service by addressing a very difficult issue in a succinct, scholarly manner. The Pattern helps the reader more clearly understand the New Testament blueprint for the local church. This book should be in every church leader's library.

Guy L. Meehling, an Evangelical (Plymouth Brethren) elder, says:

In The Pattern, James C. Morris opens up God's mystery hidden in past ages and revealed in the New Testament. This book is greatly needed.

Melvin McQueen, DBS; DM (Bethany Theological Seminary), says:

Your heart will be warmed and your eyes opened when you read this book. All who find themselves struggling to understand the scriptures will find it most helpful.

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