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Current Publications

The Pattern

Based on the principle that the Bible is the word of God, this book is about the Divine pattern for the organization and operation of the church. The Holy Spirit's instructions in regard to Christian unity, separation from evil, and the qualifications for church leadership are examined. Also examined are the relationship and functions of church leaders as set forth in the New Testament, with the proper attitudes of leaders and followers alike. The identification and scriptural use of spiritual gifts is discussed at length. A chapter is devoted to God's order in church services. The Greek text is discussed, with citations from many widely recognized experts.

The Christian and Government

An answer to the “Christian Militia“ movement, this pamphlet examines the New Testament's specific instructions to Christians in regard to their relationship to human government. It discusses when we should obey the governments of man, and when we should disobey. It specifically examines the Christian's proper reaction to a government that is basically evil.

What Happened to the Power?

This pamphlet examines the history of a Christian movement that was once a powerful evangelical force, and had a very disproportionate effect on the church as a whole. But its outreach has been lost and its current influence on the rest of the church is negligible. The article traces major differences between the doctrines this movement held when it was widely used by God and those it now holds. These differences, and their resultant loss of outreach, are presented as a warning to other Christian groups that are making similar mistakes.

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